Mommy, Daddy Is The Lycan King

1: Awakening

Fiona's POV

Her eyes slowly parted, reacting to the ray of sun peeking through the window, now dancing on her face. Her head pounds a little against her skull. She signed, and her eyes fluttered once again. Though not sleeping, she wandered off in her mind, thinking about what today would bring for her.

Her mind slowly returned to her, and she realised that, though her eyes had opened briefly, the ceiling she saw wasn't familiar. While the one in her bedroom was a shed ceiling, the one she just saw was a beam ceiling.

She barely finished processing the thought when she felt a heavy hand rest on her chest.

Her eyes flew open immediately, and the first thing she saw was a ceiling different from hers. She didn't want to believe what she thought just happened, but now her sense of smell just kicked in, and the strange masculine scent filled her nostrils. She turned her head and immediately saw the sleeping man next to her in bed. Her heart almost jumped into her mouth at the sight.

At the sight of him, all the dreams and hopes she had built for herself in the last few years about keeping herself for her one true mate came crashing down.

Being an omega, for as long as she could remember, had brought challenges every day, ranging from bullying to verbal abuse. She clung to the hope that one day she would meet her mate, who would be a beta, or maybe an alpha, and she would no longer be an omega. But now, everything is over.

How the hell did she get here? She asked questions that had no answer because she couldn't remember how she got here.

It didn't matter how she got here; she knew she had to leave.

Her eyes fluttered as she prayed for a way out of here, and as if the moon goddess listened to her cry, the stranger in her bed withdrew his hand and turned to the other side.

She took the cue and ran off the bed immediately, her heart pounding heavily and almost racing into her mouth. She quickly picked up her clothes on the floor and put them up before grabbing at her shoes and racing out of the room without looking back.

Her whole body shivered at the thought of what she knew had happened: she had woken up naked in a stranger's bed; she had taken a stranger to bed, and she knew better than that. She had thrown her virtue out the window for someone she didn't know, someone who would not even remember her face.

A stranger.

Though all his traits and aura indicated that he was an alpha, he was still a stranger.

The question stayed in her mind: how did she come here?

She couldn't remember a thing.

Tears ran down her face, knowing that, once again, fate had wronged her. She didn't want to sleep with the stranger, and if she had a choice, she would have said no. How was she going to face anyone at this point?

How was she going to go about it all? Move on like nothing happened? Or accept that it happened and face the consequences head-on?

She knew her parents were worried; it was her first time sleeping out, and she knew they had called her to make sure she was safe. She dug her hand into her purse and pulled out her phone to see the 17 missed calls left by her mom and dad.

All the way back home, she thought about the stranger she had woken up in bed with. He had long black hair that fell over his shoulders, a thick eyebrow, and little freckles over his nose. He had a long nose and full red lips, which appeared swollen earlier. She had glanced back at him on the bed and saw that he was tall and had a masculine body build to go with his height. He was a good-looking man, almost like the Norse god, but that wasn't the point.

She wanted to know who he was. She had a lot of questions; did he do this to her? Or was he a victim just like she was?

All the way back home, she thought and came up with the decision: she would come out with the truth to her parents; they would be saddened and disappointed, but they would have to understand she was drugged. They loved her and would believe her.

She got out of the taxi, paid, and approached her house, her heart beating unsteadily. She wielded herself to the door, and getting there, she knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, the door opened, and there stood Dorothy with pain-filled eyes. Her heart sank, wondering if they already knew what she did.

Did someone beat her to it? If yes, then who did?

"Mother," she began, but pressed her lips together after the words failed her.

Dorothy said nothing; she just stepped forward and pulled her into a tight hug. She didn't know she needed the hug until she got it, and painful tears streamed down her face.

"It's alright; it's going to be alright." Dorothy assured her and patted her back lovingly.

They pulled away after getting control over their emotions, and Fiona saw Otis, her father, standing there with a less pain-filled face as he watched them.

"Mom, dad, I am sorry I didn't pick up your calls."

Otis shook his head and stepped towards her. "It doesn't matter anymore; you are back." He smiled, but it only showed the pain he tried to hide. "We have something to tell you."

Was she about to be disowned? Was that it? The Lawrences had maintained a very noble name in the town. After what she just did, it would make sense for them to want nothing to do with her despite their love for her.

"What is it?"

He placed his hand on her shoulder. "Your father wants you home."

Her eyes narrowed; this was not what she thought they wanted to say. Still, this left her in a surprised state. "I don't understand what you mean, father; you're my father."

His eyes grew glassy, and he pressed his lips together and blinked back the tears. "I know, my child, but I am not your biological father." He clarified.

Fiona's eyes grew wide, understanding what he was saying. She had always thought they were dead since she grew up in the orphanage. "What?" she asked, and tears ran down her face.

Dorothy wiped the tears off her face and took her hand in hers. "Your father, Alpha Carl Jackson, found us yesterday, and he has sent an envoy to bring you home. You know what that means; you're not an omega, Fiona, but the daughter of the Alpha."

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